Shibuya,Tokyo is one of hot cities in Tokyo and Japan.


The city is always crowed for 24 hours a day and   fully of the energy .


Even though ,the city is considered for teenagers here in Japan  ,still Shibuya has attracted and inspired

many pepole from all over the seas.





Do you remember the vide for ” Storonger ” by the well-known artists Kanye west ?


The clip is based on the kanye west’s exprience and insprition he got  when  he visited Shibuya .


Shibuya is also conidered to be  one of the fashion centers of Tokyo, specially for teenegers.


“109 ” ,the famous  building which features the clothes which represent the shibuya style is very near

of the shibuya station .



Also ,the city is famous for nighlife in Tokyo .


You can enjoy clubbing here in Shibuya as the are has a lot of clubs or disco.


However  on the contract  you can also enjoy “the green area or traditional shirine (very spritual place )


such as Meiji Shrine and its japanese park .




Shibuya is the place you should visit while your trip to Japan .