Samurai and Ninja still exsists in Japan.

I know that a lot of people abroad expect to see Samurai or Ninja when they visit Japan .

However , you will not see any Samurai or Ninja in most of the places in Japan.

Disappointing ??


Well , I will tell one place where you are still able to meet Samurai or Ninja.

Nikko Edo Mura or Edo wonderland is located in Nikko -city ,Tochigi ,Pref.

And the palce is a  theme Park for Edo priod which exsisted 150 years ago in Japan

when last Samurai and Ninja exsist here .


Edo wonderland  allows you to enjoy the theater ,cosplay ,an attraction

of  the old Japan .



The Nikko -city also is a beatiful city with japanese scenery of nature

and traditional building such as shrines ,temples.

It is 2 hours trip by train from Tokyo and I am quite sure that

you will love the place.



Yes ,I found a Samurai !




Here, Ninjas are training kids how to be a true  Ninja !



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For Access and more ,Please check following for EDO WONDERLAND’S OFFICIAL HOME PAGE.