Onsen in Japan

Onsen is a Japanese hot springs where people share the space and bath together at the onsen .


It is very common for Japanese to do so and most of Japanese love Onsen.


Altough ,I know that most of you are reluctant to enjoy Onsen naked.


Of course ,you can enjoy the private Onsen inside the  room which you stay at

if you will pay extra .


However ,you can not really understand the Japanese culture until you experience the public Onsen.


In this article ,I will  teach you some manner of Onsen ,in case you will try the public Onsen.





Onsen manner


Usually gentleman  and  lady  baths are separated  with  two different rooms.

Usually because of tradition ,whether the room is for Men or women shows in Kanji .

If 男 means for gents and 女 for ladies.

More easy way to find out which is the colour .

The bule for the Men’s baths and Women ‘s is the red.


Please don’t mix up the rooms or you will be in trouble!





You are supposed to put your cloth into the busket.





However ,any valuables should bein  a locker,


The most important manner for Onsen is to wash your body before  entering the onsen.

Also you may bring a small towel with you to cover up your private parts

but you are supposed to put it on your head or leave it aside  and never put it into hot water.

It is a common mistake for every non-Japanese but it is very hated by Japanese.