Mt. Fuji – The best-known mountain in Japan –

Mt. Fuji is well-known as the highest mountain in Japan. And you cannot describe Japan without it!!!!!

A lot of people are visiting there during the climbing season, which is from early July to early September.

Mt. Fuji has recently been registered to UNESCO World Heritage. Accordingly, the climbing fee system started to be applied for all the climbers from this summer. Following this system, the climbers need to pay 1,000 yen (About $10) to climb up to the top. The money collected from climbers is to be used for maintaining the beauty around the mountain.

At each station, there are some of lodges where you can take a rest on the way up to the top. So you can enjoy the climing at your own pace. There are also stores where you can buy water, food and such in case you happen to need something.




If you want to try to climb up to Mt. Fuji, there a few things you need to be careful of and prepare yourself before the climing. The thing you need to be aware of the most is the fact that the weather can be changed suddenly. The temperature only reaches around 30° at the ground level even during summer. So please make sure to bring / wear an adequately outfit and shoes.

As a suppliment for the above, I would like to recommend you to see Mt.fuji from the a distance on Shinkansen( a bullet train) on the way to Osaka/Kyoto from Tokyo. If its sunny, you can clearly see the mountain.

There’s still a lot to see in Japan, but if you have never visited to Mt. Fuji before, you should go visit there at least once in your lifetime. It will give you a wonderful experience!