Kyoto -The must-see place in Japan-

Kyoto is one of the famous cities in Japan. It has also known as a place where a lot of historical places still remain. A large number of tourists are visiting to Kyoto every year, not only getting to experience the culture but also to enjoy its quaint atomosphere created through the ages.
kyoto japan
There are a lot of places where are actually worth visiting, and some of them are even listed as world heritage sites. Kinkakuji (Golden Pavillion) is one of the sites which are representative japanese culture and has unique architectural technique. The temple has actually attracted so many people from all over the world over centuries. If you have ever visited to this place before, Ginkakuji(Silver Pavillion) could also be must-see place. incidentally, Kinkauji offres you the superb scenery, in contrast, Ginkakuji offers you a totally different one which is more like artistic style.
There are also other historical places spreading around Kyoto and each of them has its own history which is very essential for you to get to know about Japanese culture.
Another way of enjoying this city is the scenery which constantly varies for each season. The most popular season of the year is autumn. As you can enjoy the amazingly beautiful autumn foliage around the city. Also, Maiko is well-known in Kyoto, who performs dancing and singing to tourists. Their looking is very unique, and it is rare to happen to see them on the street.
Regarding as the above, Kyoto is definitely one of the must-visit cities in Japan. You will get to know better about Japan and its cultural background after the visiting.