Let’s introduce your self- How to Speak Japanese

Today ,I will teach you how to speak Japanese . I know that some people are reluctant to learn

Japanese because the language is very different from English.

Yes , it is different but it is not very difficult to master  Japanese language .

Let’s start with how to introduce to your self in Japanese .






In Japanese:


Konnichiwa  – こんにちわ


In English:




Konnichiwa is very common way of the greeting

and often used during day time just like ” Hello “.



In Japanese:


Watashi ha  ”your name ” desu .   -私は、”あなたの名前”です。


In English:


I ‘m ” your name “.




Watashi  is  a formal way to describe your self .(first personal pronoun)

In English , You can use ” I ” in many situation ,but you are supposed to change it

according to time, place and occasion.