Sushi restaurant-Kaiten Conveyor belt sushi

What is famous Japanese food  to thoese who live outside of Japan .

I think that there are some but Sushi is definitely one of the most famous food . In japan , there are many Sushi resutrants.

Some of them  are very expensive and they will serve you Sushi of the highest .


However , what the ordinary people in Japan enjoy is kaiten Sushi (Conveyor belt sushi )

where you can enjoy sushi at an affordable price.




The kaiten sushi has eveloped recently and you can order the sushi using a tough panel .


You do not have to worry about the communication of   languages and it is very clear to see the picutures

on the panel so that you willl know what exactly you would like to order.


Once you order the sushi , it will reach you on a Conveyor belt .


When you would like to have check ,press the button for it

and  the restaurant worker will be with you right wat to check the number of sushi plates .




Kaiten Conveyor belt sushi is very good for the primer of Sushi restaurants.